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The Rally Saint Louis project is a first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform that generates ideas and uses funding from the region’s residents and then uses those ideas to help market greater Saint Louis.  It is an effort unlike anything ever attempted, not just in the Saint Louis region, but across the U.S. LEARN MORE

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St. Louis Flea Market

Huge flea market in the St. Louis area with over 1,000 vendors along with a large array of food trucks.


Home Sweet Home

Dear St. Louisans . A ultimate location tour guide application. Saint Louis would the main hub of a new via web service that the entire world could benefit. If we could get the assistance of F*cebook and M*rk Zu*kerberg to create F*cebank App= Worldwide Social Currency. Used anywhere. That would be helpful. A City App...for devices. A free city wifi that links you where you are and guides you everywhere. Ex: Zoo's Ballgames, Concerts, Movies. Log on @ your location = Information. Educational, Links. Resources how to help donate. Earn Credits. Deals, Items, coupons or free Stuff..Post where you are and get instant deals?


The Wilt/Bloom Initiative : Garden Project

The Wilt/Bloom Initiative is a non-governmental organization which concerns itself with transforming vacant spaces into usable public spaces that serve the greater good. The projects under this title will mainly involve urban agriculture, vertical farming, and community gardening, but may also include hydroponic and aquaponic projects. We are interested, not only in informing the public about how to do these things, but with helping them hands on.


St. Louis History Museum

A downtown museum dedicated to preserving the history of St. Louis.


Speed Neighboring/Downtown Community Database

Monthly gatherings of new (resident


I've been writing for Forbes for about three years, and in December 2011, I wrote a piece...

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In this economy, if one takes the time to do a little research... there are very few areas that consumers have continued to spend or have exceeded previous years in spending. One of those areas is our beloved pets. Dogs in particular. As our loving companions become more like one of our family, year after year we continue to spend more on them. Some couples or singles who chose to forgo children and as (I well know) some "empty nesters" soon find fido the apple of Mommy or Daddys eye. St. Louis should capitalize on a growing trend. Catering to the family dog. How about a St. Louis Stay-cation where you can bring your best buddy along? Hotels, indoor facilities as well as out? All centrally located for a few days are a weeks visit with your best buddy? Where mans best friend is welcome to come along. Restaurants with more outdoor patios, shopping villages where any well behaved dog stroll along with an owner. Heck how about a whole neighborhood development for like minded people with fenced yards, a local hometown vet on the corner and neighbors who can relate to a common love of our dogs? The possibilities are endless.! We could build or convert facilities for locals as well as "out of towners" to entertain themselves with the semi annual attraction of "dock dog jumping" or "dog agility" competitions, dog shows, or costume contests. We all have the smartest most talented or cutest dog on earth right? Perhaps we could eventually could attract a state of the art veterinary college where people from all over the world could fly in fido to receive the latest and greatest treatment if needed or students could come to get the best education or licensed practitioners would travel to catch the latest seminar on Holistic animal health. We could build a "Six Flags for dogs adventure park" where they can walk along shaded paths and experience sights and sounds of woodland creatures or take a swim in the summer. Don't have a dog or the time every day to care for a dog but love them anyway? Well, that's where St. Louis Stray rescue comes in. Stop by the local "adoption" facility and "spend the day with a new buddy." Heck, that would make two lonely souls happy and you never know.. it could be the beginning of a whole new family!


Dog Park @ Forest Park

Most major U.S. cities have large, accessible dog parks located in high-density, "walkable” neighborhoods and these parks contribute a great deal to the overall quality of life and morale of community residents. Forest Park boasts a great deal of outdoor space and much of the park land is not regularly used. Additionally, there is an abundance of parking available along park roads and the park is already one of the biggest destinations for families and people with an active lifestyle. All of these factors make Forest Park the ideal site for St. Louis City’s first large, state-of-the-art dog park. Dog parks add a great deal of value to a community. They are a place for residents to exercise and socialize their dogs, which positively affects the health of dogs and their owners. Dog parks also function as a social center for residents. Residents will frequently congregate at the dog park, where they can mingle with other residents and form new community ties. For some people, the dog park may be their primary source of daily contact with other human beings. Dog parks also encourage people to get out and stay active. St. Louis, on a social level, has developed the unfortunate reputation of being extremely cliquish and insular. The existence of a large, accessible, open-to-the-public dog park in a central landmark location will help to break residents out of their insular circles and facilitate positive, community-building, social interaction. Additionally, dog parks that are managed properly are a great source of revenue for the community and the City parks system. Through paid dog registrations, rule enforcement (fines), and the increase in visitors to Forest Park, the City can generate a positive fiscal return through proper marketing and oversight of the Forest Park Dog Park. St. Louis is in dire need of more community-focused activities that will bring a diverse range of residents together to share in their common interests. The Forest Park Dog Park is precisely the type of facility St. Louis needs to move forward as a more active, healthy, and united city.


The Seed

An urban farm dedicated to nurturing the community through healthy vegetation and educating youth.

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