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The Rally Saint Louis project is a first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform that generates ideas and uses funding from the region’s residents and then uses those ideas to help market greater Saint Louis.  It is an effort unlike anything ever attempted, not just in the Saint Louis region, but across the U.S. LEARN MORE

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Poplar Street Viewing Pods

Create a bike and pedestrian bridge on the north side of the Poplar Street Bridge similar in design to the Helix Bridge in Singapore with viewing pods to look out over the water, archgrounds, Eads Bridge, and East St. Louis natural area.


The Wilt/Bloom Initiative : Garden Project

The Wilt/Bloom Initiative is a non-governmental organization which concerns itself with transforming vacant spaces into usable public spaces that serve the greater good. The projects under this title will mainly involve urban agriculture, vertical farming, and community gardening, but may also include hydroponic and aquaponic projects. We are interested, not only in informing the public about how to do these things, but with helping them hands on.


Home Sweet Home

Dear St. Louisans . A ultimate location tour guide application. Saint Louis would the main hub of a new via web service that the entire world could benefit. If we could get the assistance of F*cebook and M*rk Zu*kerberg to create F*cebank App= Worldwide Social Currency. Used anywhere. That would be helpful. A City App...for devices. A free city wifi that links you where you are and guides you everywhere. Ex: Zoo's Ballgames, Concerts, Movies. Log on @ your location = Information. Educational, Links. Resources how to help donate. Earn Credits. Deals, Items, coupons or free Stuff..Post where you are and get instant deals?


MetroLink Luggage Car

Add a luggage car to MetroLink trains.


CityPlan Saint Louis 2050: Innovate ~ Sustain ~ Connect

City Plan is the construction of the first comprehensive plan for the City of Saint Louis since the city's original Land Use Plan in 1947. The plan will illustrate how we envision Saint Louis in the next twenty-five years and beyond, showing us how we can get there step by step.


I've been writing for Forbes for about three years, and in December 2011, I wrote a piece...

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Helping Kids Make Money - and a FUTURE

Jobs for teens have dropped across the nation but especially in the Lou. Funding for student employment from typical places like the federal government has been slashed. So what's a kid to do this summer? By working together, we can raise enough funds to help 500 neighborhood young adults find meaningful employment AND help area businesses afford to hire them, train them, and get them ready for the future. More info at


st. louis spring fashion week in the city

fashion shows in the street, taste of st. louis style, to bring back stl spring fashion week.



EVERY buildings facade and even rooftop (so it can be seen when flying in and over the STL) shoulde be aglow, whatever color the buildings owner wants - white, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, turquoise, etc., are you envisioning how cool and inviting this would be? Possibly business owners would want to sponsor their building or the STL has some wonderful, highly successful people like Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter who may be interested in this project. LIGHT IT UP ST. LOUIS, LIGHT IT UP! Lights make a place so inviting, downtown St. Louis has too many dark, uninviting streets. LIGHT IT UP ST. LOUIS, LIGHT IT UP!

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