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Entertainment Corridor

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on 12.01.12


Entertainment Corridor

I'd like to see a free mass transit entertainment shuttle/trolley that runs a loop from the CWE, SLU bars, Washington Ave, Laclede's Landing, Soulard, and then back again.

St Louis has so many good bar & entertainment districts, yet they are separated by too much distance and blight. If you're local, you know how to get around, its no big deal. But if you're a visitor you're lucky to stumble across one, much less several. I propose entertainment district shuttles running on a constant loop that links up all of St Louis unique party areas. Each stop will also have a secured parking lot for wherever you start your adventure. What makes New Orleans so popular? It has a continual party corridor running from the French Quarter to the Garden District. Other than that its dirty and unsafe - but its internationally known. Once out of towners come to St Louis and start saying "I had a blast in St Louis" the buzz will spread. I understand this is a very shallow and low-tech idea, but every great city needs a party district that has critical mass for excitement - "the" only place to go. Ever been to Riverwalk in San Antonio? Its the log fume with chain restaurants and bars on each side. But its a central place, memorable, and therefore makes San Antonio cool in the eyes of visitors. Thanks for considering

Chris Parke

Chris Parke said 8/23/2013

Also with dedicated cab parking spots at major stops for the ride home if you don't live on the route

Mary Morgan

Mary Morgan said 1/20/2013

Good idea, but the safety issue has to be above reproach or it will quickly fail. Gaslight Square was over when crime there became a big issue.


Ashley said 12/17/2012

This is a fantastic idea! Similar idea has been implemented in KC with success. It's $10 for a night, and takes you between 8 different locations. Called the KC Strip. This could be a huge win for the various entertainment districts in the city as well as the transportation industry.


stldoc said 12/14/2012

It would be great to connect it to the future Loop trolley at the history museum linking the Loop and Forest Park to CWE, SLU and Grand Center and then through downtown to the Landing on a single track. This would help fill in some of the empty areas between these districts with development and aid in the success of the loop trolley which at the moment is a little redundant by itself (metrolink already connects the Loop and History Museum). Solid idea!!