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St. Louis Pick Up Soccer: Minimum Funding Needed is $142,000

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on 12.11.12


St. Louis Pick Up Soccer: Minimum Funding Needed is $142,000

Creating a large turfed lit space centrally located in the St. Louis Area for year round outdoor use. We have 3 options for our funding goals. Our minimum is $142,000 for the smallest field size. If and when more funds are raised, we can expand the field size. Location is TBD.

St. Louis has a storied soccer history such as the St. Louis based members on the team that beat England in the 1950 world cup to the incredible SLU and SIU teams to present day club teams that are rated among the top in the nation. I run a St. Louis area pick up soccer group. And over the past few years of organizing I have seen our membership boom from 25 people on a e-mail list to over 800 people in the area. After this summer's drought we found it difficult to find a reliable field to call home. There are a couple stipulations that I have put into place for potential fields. 1. It has to be centrally located since we have people drive in from all over the region to play. 2. It needs to be big enough to expand into multiple side by side games since there are times where 60-70 people show up. There are also some things I have learned in my own experience as head organizer. 1. Playing on a wet/snow grass field can really destroy field and makes for a unusable and unpleasant place to play for future games. And in cases such as the drought this summer, water should be conserved. 2. Lights are essential for the fall and winter. I can assure you there is a strong desire to play soccer year round. Last winter we had over 30 people jump a fence with snow shovels to scoop snow from a turf field. We paid U-City a small fortune for the use of their Heman field and lights. I've been approached by area groups to try to monetize our group. But for me soccer is a game that brings people together that would never cross paths in life, and pick up soccer should never be something exploited.

We have 3 options for our funding goals. Our minimum is $142,000 for the smallest field size. If and when more funds are raised, we can expand the field size. Location is TBD: •46 yds. x. 27 yards (this is the typical field size): Minimum Goal: $142,000.00 •80 yds. x 54 yds. (this is a traditional 7x7 field size): Goal: $390,000.00 •120 yds. x. 80 yds (this is the maximum field size): Goal: $860,000.00

Gateway City

Gateway City said 2/16/2013

I would say somewhere on the cusp of midtown and downtown would be best. There are numerous empty lots there that need to be put to use. In addition, there is a proposed streetcar line that may run from the Central West End into Downtown, so even if not close to a MetroLink stop, it would be close to the streetcar.


jchifos said 1/2/2013

The way to go is lighted multi-purpose hard court areas (basketball, hockey, futsal) close to metrolink stops for easy accessibility.

Dan Connors

Dan Connors said 12/28/2012

A relative of mine owns an indoor soccer park on the East Side and is having trouble finding teams in the winter. Wouldn't it be much nicer to play indoors rather than the cold and dark?

Tom Schwarz

Tom Schwarz said 12/22/2012

DMack, I'm quite sure that a rather large proportion of the people voting for this also have supported the Hall of Fame voting. In fact I know it. As far as the question as to how this helps St. Louis.....sour grapes? Just because you don't know about something you assume that it is a small portion of people interested? It appears by the voting at least, that it is a rather significant percentage, no? And if you combine the two Soccer ideas (Hall of Fame and this one) they would be the leading vote getters. I hope people who are voting for these soccer ideas are not disparaging the other fine ideas on this site. Viva Soccer! And well done to Mr Ko and Mr Reeder for showing some leadership.


DMack said 12/21/2012

St. Louis Pick-Up Soccer, We're hoping we might team up. There's an effort to bring a National Soccer Hall of Fame to St. Louis, on page 4 of this forum. We can support your effort if you support ours. Please vote to bring the HOF to where it belongs, right here in soccer-rich St. Louis. We, in turn, will support your cause. National Soccer Hall of Fame


JimBarnthouse said 12/20/2012

I have a problem with the idea that this would help St Louis... This helps a small portion. How did this become a featured idea?

Gina D

Gina D said 12/20/2012

could you provide more clarity on the comment about "centrally located" that is rather vague. I want to support the idea because we need more recreation. Are you asking to purchase a site, and who will maintain it and pay the electric bill when lights are needed. please provide more on the business plan.

Tottenham Charlie

Tottenham Charlie said 12/19/2012

There are very many location opportunities whereby this can be tied to neighborhood revitalization plans. A fantastic idea!


AndrewS said 12/19/2012

hooray! i like soccer and unicorns & houses made of gummy bears but mostly soccer.

Taerae Kim

Taerae Kim said 12/18/2012

That's good idea!!


Vinkz said 12/18/2012

Shoot me a e-mail at I would love to help in anyway I can.


pwhermanson said 12/18/2012

This would be a major improvement for St. Louis. And I agree with pattimagee. In fact, my business partner and I are starting a fitness brand that would be interested in organizing charity soccer tournaments as early as 2014. The charity we are partnering with fights childhood obesity in St. Louis. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. Keep up the good work. Let's do this!


tjm7b6 said 12/18/2012

A group I'm in is in the preliminary stages of approaching Tower Grove Park to either build or rehab tennis courts as futsal/hockey courts. They would be made of a sport court material that is low abrassion on players and balls while completely maintenance free. Great for pickup games and we're thinking of combining with Big Balls Kickball league to start a 4v4 or 5v5 league.

James R. Stoeppler

James R. Stoeppler said 12/17/2012

I currently help coordinate two existing adult pick up games and would be all for this idea. I have found funding field rental to be relatively easy when a good well maintained space is available. Central location would be a plus! James R. Stoeppler


joec said 12/17/2012

This would be fantastic. Adding to the project would be to find an area large enough so several permanent futsal fields could also be included. Joe Clarke

Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn said 12/16/2012

I agree with all of the comments below. With respect to funding for this project, I think that the US Soccer Grant Program would be a perfect fit. it seems like a logical place to start, and if City Hall got on board, that would likely give the application tremendous weight. said 12/15/2012

St. Louis needs this.


Avinash said 12/15/2012

Good work Vinny !

Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd said 12/14/2012

@Dick, I think you are missing the point of this website, and the voting. Also, you are not exactly correct in your assertion on the metropolitan area being bankrupt.

Dick Otto

Dick Otto said 12/13/2012

Great idea but how would such an undertaking be funded?? The whole metropolitan area is bankrupt. Who and how would this be accomplished?


soccerlove said 12/12/2012

Love it!!


pattimagee said 12/11/2012

Not to mention, soccer is a great way to keep kids out of trouble. Having a centrally located field to lure kids/young adults/adults together to enjoy friendly competition is always going to be a great thing for any city. There could be a lot of great programs to go along with having a free field, including; free clinics for at-risk children, after school sporting programs, charity soccer tournaments, etc. I think it is important to have smaller fields for kids as well - possibly a full field, half field, and two quarter fields.

Taerae Kim

Taerae Kim said 12/10/2012

Good idea!!


ccccccc said 12/10/2012

Nice idea!

Benjamin Aronov

Benjamin Aronov said 12/10/2012

How about turning abandoned lots around the city, owned by the LRA into pocket soccer fields and basketball courts. Instead of being full blown parks they could just have a field and goals, maybe a couple benches. Or blacktop, hoops, and benches. No need for fountains, bathrooms, or any other expensive non-sense. A field/court in every neighborhood. Give kids a place to go, something to do. Soccer and basketball are the cheapest sports. No pads. Just a ball and a desire to play.


stl63105 said 12/8/2012

building a complex of centrally-located turf fields would be the next step. right now we lose tons of tourism dollars to KC because we don't have the venue to host regional soccer tournaments. it's a disgrace.