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Automated Bike-Sharing Stations: $80,000

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on 12.03.12


Automated Bike-Sharing Stations: $80,000

Patterned after similar systems in Shanghai, Paris & Chicago, this project would create bicycle stations where residents and visitors may choose to rent and return bicycles at easily accessible intervals throughout the city. Every 0.5 miles a bicycle rental and return station would be available in the immediate downtown area through the Central West End.

Want to truly revive the St. Louis area? Make it bicycle and pedestrian-centric. Studies have shown that cyclists and pedestrians spend 6x more than consumers in automobiles and spend longer periods of time in cities that are bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Cities that are bike & ped-friendly attract more businesses and a more vibrant work force, thus reducing the "Brain Drain" effect we've seen in the region. Bike-sharing has had profound affects on creating a larger cycling population, increasing transit use, decreasing greenhouse gases, and improving public health.

Budget details: Automated Bike Sharing Program: $80,000 to buy bikes, docks, stations, and operate for one year. Hoping to have 19 stations around the Wash U./Delmar/Forest Park area.


jrarnett said 5/7/2013

I really wish they would offer rewards. I think this would be a lot closer to its goal if they would give everyone that donates one free ride. Or is the proposal for a free bike share program?


Olivia.Arman said 3/5/2013

I love the idea, and would be happy to fund, but you really need to give more details to answer the questions below in the comments. Funders/investors want to know what they're funding - otherwise, they think you haven't done your homework. While I could answer many of the questions below (DC has a great program), all that information should be in the description, or at least linked to. Please address these concerns: 1) wear and tear - is the picture the shown design? The gears and chain are exposed to weather. Other programs have that all packed away inside a case. Will these be? 2) tracking - will there be an app so people can see where a bike is available or if there is a parking slot at their destination? 3) theft - explain that an account, linked to a credit card will be required to check one out. In other words, a membership. 4) have an STL bike org comment on helmets. WABA in DC gave out free helmets to all BikeShare riders to encourage use. The law is that helmets must be worn, and the burden is on the rider. Of course, people won't want to "share" helmets like bikes. 5) how many proposed locations? How frequently will bikes be moved from location to location?


Daron said 2/3/2013

Wash U would be a great institutional anchor for this program. The BJC plaza could hold a lot of bikes for a lot of people.


Todd said 1/31/2013

Great idea!

Judy Papian

Judy Papian said 1/31/2013

What about HELMETS?!


PDaddy said 1/20/2013

Love this idea! I just returned from Miami Beach, where they recently installed these stations, and it is immensely popular. Put them next to Metrolink stations!


markphilip said 1/17/2013

I love this idea. Would be great if we could get some one like on board. I'll send them a tweet.

Olin Graczyk

Olin Graczyk said 12/26/2012

This says "Status Approved." Anyone know what that means or how to get an update?

Marcus Dowd

Marcus Dowd said 12/23/2012

Also the more bike lanes idea would work very well in tandem with this idea. I would ride my bike more often to work if it wasn't for the lack of safe roads.

Marcus Dowd

Marcus Dowd said 12/23/2012

Thanks for the response. I was thinking more along the lines of them being rented then taken to a secluded area to then be stolen/disassembled. If they are distinct enough though like those orange ones selling the parts would be difficult. I like the idea!


cbacher said 12/20/2012

I would so use this. Our metro system is lacking and being able to get go that extra mile on a borrowed bike would allow me to make my commute. I've seen this in Denver too and thought it was a great idea.

Olin Graczyk

Olin Graczyk said 12/14/2012

I'm totally in support of this effort. I just moved from KC and they have this up & running there. Therefore, we have no reason to get this launched in STL. One thing I would add (because I also wanted to submit this idea for Saint Louis until I found it here), it is imperative to put these stations at each MetroLink as well. We are very lucky to have a good public transit system that we need to support and increase daily ridership so we develop it into more. By placing these bike stations at each Metro stop, it simply makes logical sense and is mutually beneficial. Because the MetroLink is a pretty linear route, often people will omit the ride because their destination is a bit of a walk from the stop (we recently rode from the Stadium to Maplewood.. and the stop there is not next to the walkable part of that neighborhood). By placing these bike stations at locations like the Maplewood Metro stop, the trip becomes much more feasible w/o an automobile.


emmao257 said 12/12/2012

Marcus - when I have seen these in other cities, they are all locked up until you put payment in (think about lockers in gyms or train stations), and they are also in very public places where people would notice if someone was blatantly disassembling them.

Marcus Dowd

Marcus Dowd said 12/10/2012

I like the idea, but how do you keep them from getting stolen?