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SUM=STL (a sculpture about art, science, education and STL)

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on 12.01.12


SUM=STL (a sculpture about art, science, education and STL)

This commissioned sculpture resembling a giant abacus would be planted in the Citygarden and invite people of all ages to interact and learn while representing the growth of education and technology in Saint Louis.

The sculpture would be commissioned similarly to the other artwork in the park and would have the ability to be maneuvered by a child or adult. Ideally, the size of the sculpture should be large enough to accommodate multiple interactions at once. The images show similar installations in China and Italy. Overall, the message of this piece should convey a message that Saint Louis is a place of learning, growth, and opportunity in the sciences, art, and finance.


Kate said 10/4/2013

I like the idea, but we should expand beyond citygarden (or expand citygarden itself). It would be cool to put artwork along the riverfront after they raise LKS.