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More bike lanes

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on 12.01.12


More bike lanes

There needs to be more bike lanes in the area.

Just putting share the road signs isn't enough. There needs to be more designated bike lanes in our area. Plus, it's always been a dream to have elevated bike lanes next to our highways for easier access to the county.


BrettonSTL said 6/13/2013

Take advantage of this opportunity to provide suggestions to MoDot about funding for sidewalks, roads, and bike lanes!!! MoDOT is challenging us to submit ALL bicycle and pedestrian needs of ALL kinds across the ENTIRE state--including all roads that need sidewalks: * Major roads that lack sidewalks and/or crosswalks * Neighborhood roads that need sidewalks * How about sidewalks that are old, overgrown, need maintenance, or need replacement? * How about intersections that need crosswalks or pedestrian signals? Submit them ALL!


Bleeeee said 3/11/2013

Brilliant idea. I currently live in Atlanta, which is very quickly becoming a bike city, and I'd love to see St. Louis become just as bike friendly. With gas prices and obesity always on the rise, this is a great answer to two serious problems, and a great way to liven the community.


ps2006 said 2/23/2013

There are some nice bike lanes on Wydown around forest park. We need to have more of them to make St. Louis more biker friendly. Bikers are good people. When you attract bikers to live here it will become a better safer place to live.


carcode said 2/2/2013

St Louis is number 1 for most dangerous drivers. Never had problem in New York and Boston for 20 years daily transportation. When returned to St Louis area, was hit by a truck in coma for 3 days.


livesimple said 12/30/2012

Not only do we need safe riding zones for bikes, but also sidewalks in ALL residential areas in St. Louis. You don't see that problem in Europe! They are way ahead of the USA.


livesimple said 12/30/2012

I agree that bikes should have their own lane on our streets - wide enough for bikers to feel safe from cars, I'm all for it! Highways are for high speeds, not sure bikes would be safe anywhere near it? Safety comes first.

Marcus Dowd

Marcus Dowd said 12/23/2012

I don't know why this isn't getting more votes. This is the big issue that I have with wanting to commute to work via bike. I would essentially have to cross through heavy traffic areas, or take an extra 2-3 mile roundabout route. very needed.

Gina D

Gina D said 12/20/2012

yes, yes, yes!

Meghan Milne Woltz

Meghan Milne Woltz said 12/20/2012

Yes! Get people off Clayton road! It's a danger to bikers and drivers.