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Bullying Response Performance Assemblies! Anti-Bully Rally!

Submitted By:
Bully Barricade Foundation
on 12.16.12

Bully Barricade Foundation

Bullying Response Performance Assemblies! Anti-Bully Rally!

Volunteered actors & various entertainers come together to perform live scenarios cases of bullying situations while demonstrating how to react and respond whether a student is the victims or a bystander. Assemblies are uplifting and self-esteem building to give students the courage to make the right decisions so that they stand up for the quality education that they deserve without a bully being a distraction. Vote for this idea for safer schools & higher grades! No student should be afraid to go to school.

Imagine students all around St.Louis understanding how to react and respond to being bullied or seeing someone being bullied. Let's change the trend in schools of a bully being cool to a bully being cruel. Bully Barricade Entertainment coming to a school near you! Vote for this idea today and rally against bullying!


successbydezine said 12/19/2012

I think this is a great idea. I was just actually talking to my 16 yr old about how something more needs to be done to prevent deaths because of bullying. Please feel free to contact me for help with this cause. You can reach me at, I am an event organizer and would love to assist.