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Logo Loco

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Logo Loco
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Logo Loco

Logo Loco

Build the Logo Loco. Expand the product categories with new innovative products and designs. Continue to support other organizations through the Logo Loco brand. Become the preferred brand for causes and organizations to partner with. Be transparent, and more effective in our efforts to support causes, clubs,and organizations than most companies known by the average philanthropist.

Our company was created to make a significant difference in our community and the world around us through the sale of premiere promotional products such as Logo Loco Wristwear®. Our mission is to support individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations in their promotional efforts while fostering a collective goal to give-back. We believe in the Logo Loco movement. Our goal is to participate and compel others to give-back or pay it forward. Our values are based on the belief that one person, one company, one community can make a difference in the world. Logo Loco believes when one of us succeeds we all succeed. We know the value of team work and the benefit of collaboration. We champion the spirit of entrepreneurship, global commerce, and fundraising for worthy causes and cures. Some said we were crazy to offer schools and charitable organizations a percentage of the proceeds on Logo Loco Wristwear®. Hence, the Logo Loco movement was born. We are loco about the people, families and organizations that make-up our community. We illustrate this with our philanthropic partnerships that enhance education, health awareness and research, a sustainable environment, and a prosperous economic climate. Our legacy is to form a bond with our bands. A bond that will unite and connect those with a desire to make a difference. The Logo Loco precious gems in our logo represent— a genuine mission joining genuine people with a true commitment for a priceless impact on the future and our world. Join us in making a difference!


STLouisonthemove said 2/14/2013

I’m interested and can be contacted at: or email: Team work makes the dream work!