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St. Louisans may already be familiar with Circus Harmony from seeing their high flying performances or taking classes at the City Museum downtown. Now they’ll be taking their many years of circus teaching – and the people of St. Louis – to a higher level with the Circus Harmony Flying Trapeze Center. The Circus Harmony Flying Trapeze Center will be a St. Louis based Flying Trapeze Center where people of all ages will be able to break the bonds of gravity and soar through the air with the greatest of ease.

Flying trapeze centers are increasingly popular in New York City, Boston, Seattle & many other cities. This is a fun and exciting way to stay fit, have fun and finally fulfill your dream of flying. This venture will serve as a place for recreational flying and will also help fund Circus Harmony’s social circus programs – where they use circus arts to motivate social change.

The Center has already been awarded a number of amazing grants for their work from the YouthBridge Social Enterprise and Innovation Competition, Regional Arts Commission & Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis, but it’s not enough! The upcoming Grand Opening at Union Station in April 2014 is fast approaching and in order to fully function, they need the following items:

Preparing box truck to serve as dressing room and office: No phone booths are available these days to change into your super hero costume before you fly. So, please help us turn our old box truck into s spiffy locker room and office. You’ll be able to strip down and suit up into your flying togs. No cape needed to fly! Keep your stuff safe while you fly, pay and schedule classes and buy fly wear in the tricked out box truck that YOU help make into a mini magical locker room! -- $6,000

Video playback system: Professional athletes will tell you that video feedback is the best way to train. This system will allow your flight to be shown in “instant replay” so you can watch yourself and get coaching in the most beneficial way possible. You will also be able to get a cd (like a video postcard!) of your flight to take home as a souvenir--- or as proof of your super hero abilities! -- $2,500

Bleachers: Bleachers will provide a comfortable place for you fans and family to watch you defy gravity. You can also learn a lot by sitting and watching others fly, as well. Support a place for the audience to perch on the ground while you are flying through the air. -- $2,000

Mats: Mats are needed to set up around the high and low rigging. Having mats on the ground around the rigging will also provide a comfortable place to warm up and condition. Support a soft landing! -- $2,000

Free standing low trapeze rig for warm up and practice: Before and after you’re up in the air, it can be very helpful to go through the motions at a height where a coach can help place you in the correct positions. Practice before you go up and make needed corrections after each flight. Funding this apparatus will help maximize your class time and increase your learning time. -- $1,500

Other aerial rigging for additional classes (Lyra, trapeze, silks): Ready to branch out and learn other gravity defying techniques? We’d like to offer classes in a variety of aerial arts including static trapeze, lyra and silks. Help fund aerial options! -- $1,000

We hope to fund as many of these items as we can for the Flying Trapeze Center, and in an effort to make sure that happens, we’re doing things a little differently this time around. Funding will be set up in a series of “levels” for each of these items they still need. Once the funding goal for each level or item is achieved, they’ll move on to the next level and try to obtain funding for another item. With the project broken up into smaller parts like this, it guarantees that Circus Harmony will be able to get at least some of these items, even if they don’t raise the full $15,000 that they need.

Circus Harmony alumn, Matt Viverito, seen below with High Flying Pages Trapeze Act, will be teaching at the rig.

Kathy Price McDermott

Kathy Price McDermott said 8/27/2013

Circus teaches the Art of Life...trapeze teaches you to FLY!


Dolores said 8/2/2013

Long live the circus!

Len Nason

Len Nason said 8/1/2013

Keep flying!!!

Beth Hall

Beth Hall said 7/29/2013

We have flying trapeze here in Washington DC - GREAT activity for teen birthday parties and second dates that that does't rely on alcohol to supply the fun and excitement.

Susan Mintz

Susan Mintz said 5/13/2013

This flying trapeze school can not open soon enough!


DCMONTERREY said 4/29/2013

St. Louis is becoming known more and more for the amazing circus talent coming up here, thanks to Circus Harmony School! This is a great chance to increase the visibility of circus arts.

grandma viv

grandma viv said 4/25/2013

love the trapeze & the daring young people!


farmerwarren said 3/24/2013

St. Louis has a great reputation as an audience for circus performance. Shows that work in the metro area always have large crowds and enthusiastic audiences. Here is a way for those who enjoy watching the shows to participaate in a safe and fun way while supporting a remarkable program of youth development and social training. Make this happen.

Rita Viverito

Rita Viverito said 3/15/2013

I have seen Matt perform & He is great!

Stephany Moore

Stephany Moore said 3/10/2013

I would fly every time I am in town! So awesome that St. Louis would have a rig. Looking forward to seeing this happen!!


Crina said 3/8/2013

you can

Val and Gary

Val and Gary said 3/7/2013

I voted on March 5. I thought we could vote every day.


JackieD said 2/23/2013

Circus Harmony continues to make untold positive impacts on young people's lives. This is one of the simplest ways to help ensure that its impact reaches more kids who need circus in their lives. Carpe Diem, Circus Harmony!


Helen said 2/20/2013

It would be great to have a recreation like this for people of all ages to get involved it where it builds up self esteem and confidence!


circusnole said 2/20/2013

Flying trapeze is a great way to promote confidence and allow people of all ages to conquer fears, all while building bonds and trust with others!


DGish said 2/20/2013

Please note , from the description.... "This venture will serve as a place for recreational flying but it will also be used to help fund our social circus programs--- using circus arts to motivate social change." A most worthwhile undertaking with far-reaching impact!