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CWE Grain Silo Project

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on 12.03.12


CWE Grain Silo Project

Light the CWE Sarah Ave Grain Silos with Multi-media images.

In 2011 I went to Quebec City with my brother and sons. I think there was some festival going on, though the whole city was full of life. During the summer months they had nightly Cirque de Soleil performances under a highway overpass and light shows on an enormous grain elevator on the waterfront. I thought....why don't we do nightly light-shows on our grain elevators! The ones right in the CWE along 40/61. Instead of reminding drivers that they were in the corn-belt.....we could excite them and show them a progressive and forward St. Louis. I really am going to pursue this project. Yesterday I contacted the company that owns/operates the elevators. I will keep you updated on this project....I will need help and support when it looks like this could be a reality.


david said 2/1/2013

i think this silo is in the cortex footprint