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Poplar Street Viewing Pods

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on 02.26.13


Poplar Street  Viewing Pods

Create a bike and pedestrian bridge on the north side of the Poplar Street Bridge similar in design to the Helix Bridge in Singapore with viewing pods to look out over the water, archgrounds, Eads Bridge, and East St. Louis natural area.

The Helix Bridge is curved to connect two waterfront areas and is connected to a bridge used by fast moving automobile traffic. Such a bridge over the Mississippi could attach to the Poplar Street Bridge and activate the southern part of the archgrounds while connecting it to the underdeveloped waterfront in Illinois. This would be a great enhancement to the Mississippi River Trail and could be partially supported by CityArchRiver and Great Rivers Greenway.

The Helix Bridge is a unique design, but its main purpose is to be a brightly lit place that people enjoy walking on and remember as part of the cultural landscape of the city.

This idea can be paralleled with other suggestions for lights on the Poplar Street Bridge. The more lights, the prettier the reflection in the water.

The addition of observation pods on the bridge over the Mississippi would create popular new vantage points from which to take pictures of St. Louis.

This is probably beyond the means of RallySTL to fund, but it would certainly be nice to have the idea out there or maybe to conduct a feasibility study. One large consideration is if new supports would need to be built or it could hang entirely off the Poplar Street Bridge.

This idea was actually suggested by one of the losing teams in the competition for improving the arch grounds.

The idea was to create a great circle between the two bridges and the two riverbanks along which people could jog and enjoy St. Louis.

Gary Kreie

Gary Kreie said 1/11/2014

MODOT is planning to cantilever another traffic lane on the PSB using the current bridge pylons. Could MODOT add this bicycle, pedestrian, bridge at the same time to help fulfill the part of their state funded mission to support all forms of transportation, not just cars? It would help get my support for their 1 cent transportation tax that otherwise would primarily syphon dollars away from KC and St. Louis for more rural roads.

Dennis McGrath

Dennis McGrath said 3/31/2013

In my opinion this idea along with the following two ideas (posted earlier this year) should come together to promote beautification of the STL Riverfront, this wouldn't take more than a unified desire to make the iconic image of our great city look its best... ... what do you say voters?

Ken Underhill

Ken Underhill said 3/18/2013



Daron said 2/27/2013

Well hopefully nobody obstructs the view of Eads Bridge. The original idea from the team of Manfredi/Weiss (though obviously lots of people had this idea before), included giving a few lanes on Eads Bridge over to bikes and pedestrians. The winning team's idea to use a gondola instead is really limited because it prevents bikers, dog walkers, and casual strollers from using it. Hopefully the walking bridge idea stays in the popular imagination.


JDSTLMO said 2/27/2013

I love this idea, I really do! It would be great to have one of these bridges on the North side of Poplar Street Bridge and a matching one on the South side of the Eads Bridge, and the two can be connected by trails to create a riverfront loop. What a great idea that could just add to what people think of when they picture St. Louis in their minds.