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St. Louis Flea Market

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on 03.05.13


St. Louis Flea Market

Huge flea market in the St. Louis area with over 1,000 vendors along with a large array of food trucks.

Similar to Pasadena's Rosebowl Flea Market, the St. Louis Flea Market will be the largest flea market in the midwest and will feature over 1,000 vendors selling items ranging from old antiques, collectibles, vintage clothing, etc. The flea market will also feature a large array of food trucks promoting St. Louis's top quality cuisines. This flea market will take place once a month at a safe and secure location (possibly the old Chrysler Plant in Fenton). said 1/17/2014

Flea market once a month in St.Charles, IL. Been going on for years! We should do this1


STLBen9 said 11/20/2013

@FCPDevlin...I'm not much older than you but feel free to shoot me an email -


FutureCityPlannerDevlin said 11/15/2013

Im only an undergrad at a state university but I really like this idea. I would love to be in contact with you about some ideas and how you could make this rock! Any contact information?


STLBen9 said 3/9/2013

Yes, there's a HUGE flea market held at the Rose Bowl once a month with 2,500+ vendors along with a large array of food trucks. The ideal location seems to be the old Chrysler plant in Fenton.


Daron said 3/7/2013

Give a figure. How many sq ft per vender? How about the bottle district parking lots? Has this ever been tried around a football stadium?