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Angel Mom's over St. Louis

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Angel Mom's over St. Louis
on 04.10.13

Angel Mom's over St. Louis

Angel Mom's over St. Louis

Do you know a Mother that has lost a child in the St. Louis Mo area? We started a private and secure group for Angel Mom's in the St. Louis area for those "Angel Mom's" that have lost a child. No matter how or when. NO parent should be forced to walk this journey alone! Angel Moms over St Louis and Abroad was started in the memory of Connor S Sher FoReVeR 17 and Marcus A Henson FoReVeR 25. We found that the parental bereavement resources in the St Louis area weren't that great. So we started one for the St Louis area and abroad. I'm currently marketing our group for sponsorship. We're planning an Angel Garden for our children. We're going to customize beautiful, personalized bricks sponsoring each child. Many parents have chose cremation and this also gives them a place to go on International Parental Bereavement Day, Mothers Day, or another place to lay ashes. We're going to start looking for property in Eureka - Pacific area. And at the meeting on Saturday, we're going to be discussing fund raisers like bake sales, car washes, and selling "Angel Moms over St Louis" items. If you would like to join our "privately secured group, please contact us. We are " Angel Mom's Surviving Together " We are willing to work with our sponsor's to raise funds in memory of children gone too soon <3<3<3<3

We are going to start raising additional funds by selling items such as personal photo Candles to generate funds towards our Angel Garden

And neat colorful window decals

Teresa mclemore

Teresa mclemore said 5/6/2015

Yea,Tina Thompson Burns she lost all of her kids to dfs! She is a fake and a crack hoe.thats how she lost her kids she left them in a car while she was doing drugs in a local drug house lol and she never did anything for her kids and now since Jeffery past she thinks she deserves sympathy And I have none for her whats so ever.I just pray she gives her heart to god and makes an apology for her actions she act like she deserves it I taken care of her grandbabies since they were infents,her daughter is no different she had her two children taken also by her husbands mom her mother-in-law!Just thought everyone should know the truth because im tierd of her going around taken all the credit!!!!when she dont deserve any of the credit! God bless all the childern that suffer everyday because of child abuse and neglect!!!

Angel Mom's over St. Louis

Angel Mom's over St. Louis said 8/30/2013

We want to thank each and every person that took the time out to vote for our idea. Today, Aug 30th happens to be "National Grieving Awareness Day" Thank you again from ALL of us, 460 Angel Mom's! <3


Jackie said 8/22/2013

I love this idea even though I am about 60 miles east of St. Louis...a trip done with love!


Laura said 8/21/2013

Nice idea. I come home a couple times a year and this would be nice.


Dani said 8/19/2013

i think this is a great idea. maybe t-shirts (im personally a pretty big girl) so all sizes would be awesome. i would def buy at least one of those.


Sherry said 8/19/2013

Great idea!

Rose Lohse

Rose Lohse said 8/19/2013

Angel Moms are a blessing for all of us trying to find our way on our journey!

Sue Neat

Sue Neat said 8/14/2013

I am an Angel Mom in Ontario Canada


scarlett51 said 8/9/2013

Done...would love to have one of those plaques. Thank you!!

Rose Lohse

Rose Lohse said 8/7/2013

I am an Angel Mom in St. Louis with a blog for grieving mothers- Blessings! Rose L.


kellyscottjscott70 said 8/3/2013

I am a mom in missouri

Gracellyn Goldberg-jefferson

Gracellyn Goldberg-jefferson said 7/20/2013

Awesome angel moms...

Angel Moms over St Louis

Angel Moms over St Louis said 6/18/2013

We're no longer promoting the products above. We currently have an ongoing non- profit business relationship with a "professional press and print company" in the St. Louis area. Mom's that would like their Angels name added to our "new" banner, and our "new" t-shirts, please contact us at or Thank you so much for your votes, and support!


muskrattx4 said 6/15/2013

I just wanted to let everyone who is asking for the candles and the decals that the admins for this group does not have permission from the designer and manufacturer of the both the decals and the candles to sell them or use the image of them since they are licensed and owner by the designer and manufacturer of those products.


wendal said 6/6/2013

I love both ideas and would love to purchase one of both. Could you let me know how I can get these.

Angel Mom's over St. Louis

Angel Mom's over St. Louis said 5/30/2013

Our new website We are still working on efforts and resources to have a "children's walk way" constructed for the kids gone too soon in the St. Louis area. Mayor Slay, and the City of St. Louis are always coming up with idea's to improve the city? How about a beautification project that would help add our STL & St Charles county residents into the mix? This is what our sister city, Charlotte NC has completed in their beautiful downtown area. Thank you for your votes!

tess vowels

tess vowels said 5/25/2013

I love both... candle & sticker... need to know how to get!! ~Tess, an Angel Mom since 5/5/13

Angel Moms over St. Louis

Angel Moms over St. Louis said 5/11/2013

Wonderful organization!


Cyndism said 5/11/2013

I love this group. We need to help others experiencing the pain we've one thru & let them know we're here for them.

Angel moms over St. Louis

Angel moms over St. Louis said 5/10/2013

This dedicated group of mother's will be feature, Saturday, May 11 on "Pulse St. Louis" KPLR Channel 11 at 7:00 PM. The shows topics will cover "parental grief" and their determination to help other bereaved mothers in the local area with their support group. They will also discuss fundraising efforts and goals to build a beautiful memorial children's garden to honor all Kids gone too soon. Set your DVR'S folks

Janet Glazebrook

Janet Glazebrook said 4/20/2013

Today was my angels viewing. The last time we would see him

Kelly Steele

Kelly Steele said 4/18/2013

I think this is such a wonderful cause. I couldn't imagine the daily pain of missing my child. Some of the toughest woman I know!! WTG! I hope you get the Childs Angel Garden you're striving for!

Janet Glazebrook

Janet Glazebrook said 4/17/2013

email me at

Janet Glazebrook

Janet Glazebrook said 4/17/2013

where are u Sheila

Sheila Smith

Sheila Smith said 4/16/2013

How can I get a tshirt Janet?

Janet Glazebrook

Janet Glazebrook said 4/15/2013

I have our t shirts for sale if anyone would like one

Scotts Contracting

Scotts Contracting said 4/14/2013

Thank you for starting this much needed organization to assist others! Pay It Forward!

martha reed

martha reed said 4/14/2013

very nice for us mothers

Sharon Ann Wendel

Sharon Ann Wendel said 4/12/2013

I am a member and i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!