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The Sweet Potato Project: Planting Produce*Making Products*Creating Young Entrepreneurs

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on 04.19.13


The Sweet Potato Project: Planting Produce*Making Products*Creating Young Entrepreneurs

Crime, illegal drug sales, incarceration and the death of young people in low-income areas of St. Louis will continue to rise until we create viable, sustainable economic alternatives. The Sweet Potato Project summer program pays at-risk youth a bi-weekly stipend while they learn entrepreneurial skills. For 10 weeks they will plant produce and work to turn their yield into products they can sell today, In 2012, they created a sweet potato cookie. This is a micro-version of an extended large-scale food-based endeavor that will include farming, packaging, canning and distribution in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Our 2013 goal is to reach more youth (25), add structure and stability to the program and engage community residents in farming produce on vacant lots. We are seeking visionaries, volunteers and the resources to create a St. Louis major model for economic and social transformation with our youth and in long-neglected communities.

The Sweet Potato Project is a program of the North Area Community Development Corporation, a 501 (C-3) agency. You can learn more by visiting NACDC's website (

Andrew T

Andrew T said 4/26/2013

Great project! Help get the word out and vote!


MrsKeshKent said 4/24/2013

Let's get the word out even more, share, like and pass on!


sylvester said 4/23/2013

Rally St. Louis is the brainchild of two St. Louiasans, Aaron Perlut and Brian Cross and a diverse group of St. Louisians who've grown tired St. Louis' reputation as a non-progressive city. It is this kind of attitude that fuels the Sweet Potato Project. Farming and production of food-based products in long-neglected areas-that's the long-range plan. We're dreaming big and need big imaginations to help pull this off. Thank you to all who have voted so far. Here's hoping more will rally around this idea and put St. Louis on the map for creating a national model that can save "at-risk" youth, revitalize urban communities and create food-based jobs and businesses in disadvantaged areas of our region.


CBSTL said 4/23/2013

Wonderful, sustainable idea. Let's help grow it more!

Yvonne S. Sparks

Yvonne S. Sparks said 4/22/2013

This project has everything we all say we want. We want productive, engaged youth. We want financial capability for all. We want sustainable small businesses. We want youth to learn skills that will serve them throughout their lives. We want to remediate blighted, vacant lots. We want to build community. If you can't vote for this then what in the world can you vote for. This is a vote for people. Our people in our community. Vote!


Grand1 said 4/22/2013

A truly worthy project to help inner city families become more self sufficient and to help inner city children eat healthier.