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Put The Power Back In Your Hands

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on 08.06.13


Put The Power Back In Your Hands

Participatory budgeting puts the power to decide how your tax dollars are spent back in your hands. From idea, to vote, to implementation you decide what your neighborhood needs. Your donations for outreach materials will make the difference between success and failure of the first ever Participatory Budgeting process in St. Louis. Outreach materials will insure our grass roots, door to door campaign reaches and activates everyday residents as well as under-represented and under-resourced communities. A successful launch in the 6th ward will make St. Louis history and set a precedent for Participatory Budgeting to go city-wide and get everyone involved in this great new process. It's not politics; it's democracy.

For more information on Participatory Budgeting or to find out how to get involved, visit our website at or call 6th Ward Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia at 314-622-3287 or email

Judie Johnson

Judie Johnson said 11/18/2013

They are actually testing a model focusing on Youth in Boston! This "model" of citizen participation is working globally.

Mark K

Mark K said 9/1/2013

Yaah! for more government transparency and a more democratic process.


Presreed said 8/29/2013

Happy to support the efforts of all involved and work towards a more open and understandable local government that prioritizes spending based on community needs and wishes. Thank you PB-STL!


PB-STL said 8/9/2013

Thanks for all your support everyone! Don't forget to spread the link around to your networks and vote everyday :)

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller said 8/9/2013

This is going to change politics in St. Louis. I applaud Alderwoman Ingrassia on her forward thinking. I know it's going to be successful in the 6th Ward. It has to be, so it can be expanded. We all need more say in how our money is spent!


hutchingsmedina said 8/9/2013

I think this is great and I'm pleased to see the 6th Ward taking the lead!

Blaise Sewell

Blaise Sewell said 8/8/2013

This is an amazing opportunity!

Matt LaMartina

Matt LaMartina said 8/8/2013

Yes! Democracy is making a come back!