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Christmas Lights!

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on 12.03.12


Christmas Lights!

As a child, my family drove into London just to see the city all lit up with Christmas lights and other seasonal displays. St. Louis needs to do the same, with seasonal entertainers, lit up streets and a seasonal coloring of the Arch!

Working with merchants and the Federal government, the City of St. Louis will light up downtown for December. Lights will stretch across Washington, down Market and along all the adjoining streets to turn the city into a festive location. Christmas trees in the parks, a light display on the Arch, horse carriages, carolers, street vendors, a free public skating rink and more. The Christmas lights in downtown London were one of my most vivid childhood memories and they drew people from all across southern England. They can serve the same purpose in downtown St. Louis, and draw people downtown during Christmas and create a lifetime of positive city memories for kids.

Kathy Faller Fessler

Kathy Faller Fessler said 7/31/2013

That is wonderful as Christmas used to be my favorite day....but since my only child was killed on Christmas Day it is no longer my favorite but I would like to see something to remember her, her husband and my unborn granddaughter....


Jakeb said 5/1/2013

I have wondered for years why this hasn't been done before. On a smaller scale; yes, it has been done here and there, but why not light every building downtown over the season? Or at least as many as are willing to cooperate with the program.

Vince Arter, Jr.

Vince Arter, Jr. said 12/7/2012

Awesome idea.