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From 1977 to 1981 the much-loved Lindy Squared mural became a tourist stop, a landmark and a source of pride for the people of St. Louis. Though the building came down in 1981, the vision of recreating Lindy Squared has remained alive in many people’s hearts and minds. We now have an opportunity to not only recreate Lindy Squared in an innovative fashion, but to also initiate a mural renaissance in downtown St. Louis. Our dream, after recreating Lindy Squared, is to have painted murals that are artistically creative and inspiring on other buildings. These murals will give a positive message that promotes St. Louis. This would require a careful selection of locations suitable for the murals as well as a choice of subject matter that is compatible with, enhances and beautifies the surrounding architecture and street scape. The “Lindy Squared 2.0” mural will be hand-painted on a movable backing, so it can “travel.” It will be installed in four different locations over a two-year period. With strategic placement, a theme of “Where’s Lindy Now?” would allow for ongoing chatter about public art and events or developments in the region. It will also help to showcase a variety of neighborhoods. A larger initiative has a longer life - to use murals to help perpetuate the art community in St. Louis, and ultimately spawn more outdoor art that can be viewed for free (which is the nature of public art). Murals are a great medium to showcase the talents of local artisans and be a catalyst that promotes St. Louis as a great place to live, work, play, and visit. Using creative ideas, technology and a public forum, the initiative will be fun, engaging and an enticing attraction to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Building regional and even national awareness of St. Louis as a center for art will support tourism, artists and art-lovers, and enhance the stature of St. Louis as a world-class city. There are a number of other cities that have recognized the value of a vibrant visual environment, with murals playing a key roll. The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is by far the largest in the U.S., perhaps the world, with over 3,000 murals in their collection. Surely, St. Louis would benefit in many ways from having more public art.

Overall Vision and Approach – A successful program for mural placement should embrace an open, “community” attitude encouraging the involvement, support, acceptance and cooperation of nearby residents and businesses. While designs should have general appeal, they should include tasteful yet creative, unique and thought-provoking styles. To achieve the maximum impact and to gain support and momentum, the first murals should be completed downtown. They should be strategically located, i.e., visible from the major routes coming into St. Louis. See below showing some (but not all) examples of potential mural locations in downtown St. Louis.

Recreating Lindy Squared – A group of people who are passionate about promoting St. Louis will create the new Lindy Squared. The group includes Robert Fishbone, who was one of the painters of the original Lindy Squared. It was painted on the side of the old Lion Gas Building at 9th and Chestnut streets in 1977 and was destroyed when the building was demolished in 1981.

A larger vision – Not only will we have enhanced many former blank spaces, the murals will become destinations in their own right. By integrating with a website and online list of viewable outdoor art that is publicly available and continuously updated, art lovers, art students, tourists and other visitors could enjoy a walking tour or carriage ride that includes the murals as well as sculptures, historically significant buildings, and the like. The placement of QR or VR digital bar codes on or near each public art piece would make the information easily accessible by smart phones and this modern technology would add to the fun. Many murals have existed in neighborhoods throughout St. Louis over the years. We plan on using the momentum of the downtown murals to expand the project throughout the city, each mural reflecting the uniqueness of the location and having meaning for the local population.

Potential other Mural Themes – The subject matter for all murals will have certain common traits: To promote pride in St. Louis, inform and educate people, boost awareness of what makes St. Louis unique and special, be creatively rendered and have universal acceptance.

Budget – The budget has two tiers: Tier 1: Materials, prep, insurance, anchoring system, and labor: $25,000 Tier 2: Same as above with 100 plaques to attach to exiting public art & QR codes: $36,500 For every donation of $25, you will be designated the official sponsor of one square (12" x 12") on the mural, PLUS you will receive our heartfelt thanks in the form of a poster commemorating the return of Lindy Squared (once the goal is reached)! If all 1,200 (30 x 40) squares are purchased, the goal will have been met. If you donate $100, in addition to your four squares, you will also receive a limited edition, signed version of the poster! Each "Square Foot of Lindy" will be assigned in the order of donation, starting at the top left square and moving from left to right, then down. Help start the painting today!

The existing “Public Art by Region” website of the Regional Arts Council lists about 100 pieces of public art in the regions of Downtown St. Louis, Laclede’s Landing and City Garden. See for an example of a stainless steel, self-affixing plaque. Thank you for your support!

Gateway City

Gateway City said 6/4/2013

Organizing a fundraiser to help move this project forward might work well.

Gateway City

Gateway City said 3/21/2013

What about putting one of these on KMOV Gateway Tower? That building is one of the most prominent on the city's skyline, yet is one of the least attractive. This would really spice it up. They recently added a large "KMOV" to the side of the building as well, so they're down to decorate it.


MarkL said 3/12/2013

To Jay....Thank You so much, and we are getting excited as well!

Jay Brandt

Jay Brandt said 3/12/2013

We're in...can't wait to see Lindy back!

Gateway City

Gateway City said 3/11/2013

Why aren't any of these awesome ideas even getting close to being funded? Some deep-pocketed people are going to have to start paying attention to this site if the ideas are ever going to make it through the funding round.


STLouisonthemove said 2/14/2013

I’m interested and can be contacted at: or email: Team work makes the dream work!

Judy Papian

Judy Papian said 1/31/2013

I miss Lindy Squared! Let's do it!


MarkL said 1/27/2013

Reply to Gateway City - Those selected after the first round had the most votes but remain listed, and votes carry over to the next round. The Lindy Squared idea is currently in second place in the next round which I believe ends January 31, so we are optimistic! Mark L

Gateway City

Gateway City said 1/27/2013

Why did those other ideas get selected if this one has more votes?

Ted Yemm

Ted Yemm said 1/21/2013

How about making one of those murals a re-creation of the Norman Rockwell painting of Stan Musial!


MarkL said 1/20/2013

Reply to akos5 - Robert is in fact on board and has consented to the project. He supprts the idea and has said he would likely be involved ... His level of involvement is up to him!


akos5 said 1/20/2013

Please let Robert Fishbone be the one who does the painting! It would be a wonderful tribute to his wife.

David Snodgrass

David Snodgrass said 1/4/2013

Pretty cool idea! hope you and the family are well!


frank said 12/31/2012

I'll be looking for those murals on my next visit


OB1KNOB said 12/21/2012

The force is with you Mark

CloElla Leverenz

CloElla Leverenz said 12/18/2012

My vote today is for the Western Expansion! After reading so many books about the city of St.Louis being a supply house for the needs of the people going west or looking for a refuge from the wilderness. Another necessary commodity was to find a means of paying for their choice of living.

Lee Muschler

Lee Muschler said 12/17/2012

Nice Idea Mark!


MarkL said 12/13/2012

Here is a visualization of a potential site for recreating Lindy Squared - Looking from the federal courthouse east towards Busch Stadium:

L R Markham

L R Markham said 12/13/2012

Excellent idea Mark!

Fred E. Miller

Fred E. Miller said 12/12/2012

Great Idea! I remember that great painting of a famous man from St. Louis. It always grabbed my attention.


Garyh said 12/11/2012

I have seen this done in other cities. It makes a tremndous difference in the way the city looks and feels. Please support this idea


MarkL said 12/10/2012

Here is an interesting blog story about Lindy Squared


CLS & GRS said 12/10/2012

Lindy squared is one of my favorite memories of when we moved here. Would love to see it revived. Great idea. Christine


david said 12/9/2012

Powerful image


Jennifer said 12/7/2012

Would love to see this type of artwork come back. Adds more character to the street view.

Jeff Rombach

Jeff Rombach said 12/7/2012

Best idea ever!

Joan gray

Joan gray said 12/7/2012

Good luck mark

Beverly Rombach

Beverly Rombach said 12/6/2012

Great idea and what a boost to downtown St. Louis.