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Status: Approved

Arch as a Hologram Projector

Submitted By:
Gateway City
on 12.10.12

Gateway City

Arch as a Hologram Projector

The technology exists, why not make the Arch into the largest hologram projector in the world?

What if 3-D images were displayed between the legs of the Arch? What short of shows could be put on? News, weather, sports games, and films could be displayed on a 630-foot screen that looks different from all angles! With hologram technology already a reality, we could see this wonderful monument transformed into a truly functional art piece. We could have our own hologram of a ball dropping on New Year's eve, bigger and better than New York's! Hologram Technology: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-08-07/why-apple-will-turn-to-holograms Image of St. Louis: http://jonmega.deviantart.com/art/St-Louis-Skyline-36714729


urbangardengirl said 5/19/2013

Love this! Especially on nights the Cards play, 4th of July and New Years!


ChrisB said 1/10/2013

Advertising would be wrong, but lights would be beautiful.

Gateway City

Gateway City said 12/31/2012

It could be used for so much. We could show movies on here at night, fireworks during special occasions, the new year's ball drop could be re-imagined here, etc.


stl12345 said 12/30/2012

Change a beautiful, simple, elegant monument of western expansion into a tacky way to advertise game times? No thanks.


Rockface444999 said 12/18/2012


Keith Jacobs

Keith Jacobs said 12/17/2012

ummm.... why?


sunpuddle said 12/14/2012

please no.

WTF St. Louis

WTF St. Louis said 12/14/2012

We could project NELLY!


thir1t3en said 12/11/2012

What if people driving past these holograms get so distracted that they have MORE accidents? I get distracted by the Lumiere sign when I drive past it.