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Bring the Magic House to Lambert Airport: Funding Amount $25,000

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on 12.03.12


Bring the Magic House to Lambert Airport:  Funding Amount $25,000

Bring a Magic House installation to Lambert Airport! St. Louis is known for being a family-friendly place – so an exhibit or special installation from the Magic House St. Louis Children's Museum would be great for visitors, as Lambert Airport is the first impression of St. Louis for hundreds of thousands of travelers each year.

Let’s create a dedicated space in our airport that can showcase St. Louis as a family travel destination and a wonderful place to raise kids, exposing families to a space that entertains, educates, and engages families while they wait to fly to their next destination.

Budget & Project Details: Lambert - St. Louis International Airport is willing to provide 1,500 square feet to the project, and the Magic House and its corporate partners are committed to raising 75 percent of the $100,000 cost through Rally Saint Louis to develop the space.

It's now in our hands to complete this project and keep making Saint Louis great! Let’s be proud and showcase cultural assets like our very own, and nationally ranked, children’s museum -- The Magic House – which would be an ideal compliment our airport.


RedBird2011 said 8/16/2013

so close, and I was just getting ready to donate $751. is it too late?


CBSTL said 4/22/2013

What a wonderful idea! Much needed at ALL Airports for weary parents and energetic children!


BrookeSchaub said 2/18/2013

Most airports have a dedicated space for children and families to explore and St. Louis really needs something like this. The Magic House is the perfect organization to do so!

Brock Fitzgerald

Brock Fitzgerald said 2/14/2013

This idea not only would give families an actitivy during a layover but also would promote St. Louis as a great place as a destination the next time a family plans a vacation.


Nathan said 2/1/2013

Giving travelers to STL a great first impression or a great last impression of the city will make more people want to return. Our airport is such an vital gateway to accomplish this.

Rachel Kessler

Rachel Kessler said 12/20/2012

My kids have loved these in other cities!

Meghan Milne Woltz

Meghan Milne Woltz said 12/20/2012

We have spent a lot of time in the children's museum area of ORD (o hare). This would be a great thing for parents and kids going through St. Louis. It's a great thing for everyone to get the energy out before the flight!


Diane83 said 12/20/2012

Buffalo New York also has an area sponsored by Fisher Price. It made a lay over with a toddler totally tolerable.

Leslie kotiza

Leslie kotiza said 12/7/2012

The Magic House would be the best organization to put this all together and show the best of St. Louis