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@stlouismoving: $33,000

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on 12.07.12


@stlouismoving: $33,000

St Lou is on the move. So let's literally move St. Louis. With this project, we'll miniaturize (via 3D printing) famous St. Louis landmarks, neighborhoods and other identifiable icons and place them in larger market cities as part of a guerrilla marketing and social media campaign to help spread the word that St. Lou is on the move.

From the east cost to the west coast, let's show our big city brethren that just because you fly over us, doesn't mean you can walk over us. In fact, we want you to take a closer look. At our neighborhoods. Our people. Our traditions and our passions. We'll put them all on display.

To kick off the campaign, a short documentary will be made to highlight the process of creating the models. We'll see each building/landmark in its natural setting. Then we'll see the designers creating the 3D CAD imagery of each landmark. Then on to magical 3D printing phase. This video will also explain the sweepstakes component of the program--"Find St. Louis in your city, tweet a pic of it and be entered to win a trip to the Lou." This video will then be sent out and seeded to bloggers and online influencers in our targeted markets.

Each model would then be placed in a targeted city, attached with a QR code. When someone scans the code, a mini-documentary about the building/landmark would be shown. The user could then enter to win the trip via Twitter and if they're lucky, we'll turn their next flyover ticket into a stop-on-by one. Sample landmark ideas: • Union Station • The Magic House • The Fabulous Fox Theatre • City Museum • Ted Drewes • Bevo Mill • The Climatron at the Botanical Garden • Cathedral Basilica • St. Louis Art Museum • History Museum • Zoo • The Old Cathedral • Crown Candy • The Maryland Plaza Fountain in the Central West End • Busch Stadium Sample cities: New York, Boston, San Francisco, Austin, Portland, and Seattle

Budget needed: $33,000: Includes CAD design & production for models, Marketing, and Travel


STLouisonthemove said 2/14/2013

I’m interested and can be contacted at: or email: Team work makes the dream work!


markphilip said 2/1/2013

Great questions, Ms. Karate. We'll definitely take them under consideration moving forward. Thanks!

Jennifer Karate

Jennifer Karate said 1/31/2013

Mark, I am sorry to have offended you. I understand the concept but I just don’t think this is a very good idea. Copy “famous St. Louis landmarks…and place them in larger market cities…” and then what? How will it not look like a 3D printed model train set of St. Louis? Can you comment with ideas for the “guerrilla marketing and social media campaign?” Can you comment on maintenance, specifically in regards to vandalism, of the models? Where is St. Louis going or “moving?” Isn’t the core of your idea to bring bits of St. Louis into other areas? Or do you say moving to mean popping, hopping, jumping, jiving? Thanks for considering my questions and, hopefully, answering them! Also, "Miss" is incorrect.


Scampster said 1/31/2013

Great idea mark how much do those 3d printers cost


markphilip said 1/28/2013

Thanks for your comment, Miss Karate. I had no idea people were still using "wack" but am absolutely delighted to see its still being leveraged for feelings of contempt and acerbity. Perhaps you should go outside and enjoy the day with a good book like Aesop's, "The Fox and the Grapes."

Jennifer Karate

Jennifer Karate said 1/28/2013

I think this idea is so wack. I can't believe it's gotten so many votes.

Cheech Ramirez

Cheech Ramirez said 1/19/2013

Are you gonna make the new "Starbucks" (old Del Taco) building? Shameful its a Starbucks now. Beautiful building.


markphilip said 12/9/2012

Hey everyone - Thanks for voting and considering my idea. The idea actually came about as a way to promote our city OUTSIDE of our city. Sometimes we forget we're our city's biggest fans and harshest critics. We have a tendency to talk to ourselves a lot. But to attract people to our city towards visitors and potential future residentsand businesses we must have a voice and presence, no matter how small, OUTSIDE of St. Louis. This idea is a first step towards that. This effort may seem small compared to some other ideas on this site, but it’s a feasible idea for a low investment that will help us garner some attention and earned media OUTSIDE of the city, so we can help boost tourism INSIDE our city. Plus it’s super fun, right!? If we build it (small), they’ll come (big time;). So back this project and let’s get building! Thanks, Mark Philip