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Microbrewery Trolley System

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on 12.01.12


Microbrewery Trolley System

Connect downtown micro breweries with an on going trolley system

With all of the St. Louis micro breweries starting to open and creating fantastic beers, St. Louis should support these establishments by developing a trolley system (or bus system - similar to the one in Forest Park now) that would take people from place to place for a weekend adventure. This way it would be safe travels between each brewery, as well as giving people the experience of St. Louis' Craft Beer scene!

Keith Bopp

Keith Bopp said 3/20/2013

I have done this with a group. We rented a 15 passenger van and had a designated driver. It is a blast. We ended up going to 5 breweries and also Hilton 360 Roof Top Bar in between a couple of the breweries. It was interesting, because we ran into a few people doing the same thing.


LOCO said 2/8/2013

You could make this green and run it on CNG (compressed natural gas)

Sean Snyder

Sean Snyder said 1/21/2013

IIRC, Seattle has all electric trolleys which would be cool. It would also be cool if the trolley could have added tech functionality, even as simple as free Wifi. It would be even better if you could add something cheap like e-readers built in, or some sort of interactive computing solution with apps pre-loaded from some of the "Hops" locations. Intuitive public transportation solutions should be a priority. It would make St. Louis a much more enticing destination, both for events as well as life.

Mary Morgan

Mary Morgan said 1/20/2013

I think "Hop On, Hop Off STL" is a great name for a micro-brewery shuttle! Or, "Hops" On, "Hops" Off if you think the brewing ingredient reference isn't easily noted. (This refers to part of a quote in the weekend P-D about a micro-brewery tour.) If such a shuttle ran one or two nights a week, and offered a few fights (or samples) to taste or some specials, it would bring new business to the establishments. It might perk up "slow" nights. The names of the participating establishments could be on the bus exterior or on interior posters. Menus would be enticing too. Rating sheets would be fun too. What did you try at each stop? Favorites, places and beers? These could be passed on to the micro-breweries. A central pick-up area or (areas) with good parking would help, like Metrolink lots.

Martha Valenta

Martha Valenta said 1/18/2013

Not just for microbrews - trolleys all over the City! We need more public transport. And, we need it to run 24/7. It will keep tired/intoxicated people from driving. On that note, cars should not be fined, booted, or towed if they are left overnight - especially near a bar.

Carl Francis

Carl Francis said 1/15/2013

Trolley System? Interesting thought. But if it's confined to downtown micro breweries, the trolleys should be drawn by a team of horses. Clydesdales, maybe.


PhilJoker86 said 12/31/2012

If its anything like the streetcars in Nola then St. Louis downtown would really bloom. The metro is a far cry from what I feel is a good public trans. Hope this becomes more popular of an idea!


Jzika said 12/19/2012

Love this! Run the trolleys on biodiesel spent hops, and pay the drivers with a tip jar. It will work, and people will come! Skeptical? Then you've never waited in line to ride the cable cars in San Francisco! People will come from all over to do this...


LOCO said 12/7/2012

Fantastic idea, bringing old and new together