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St. Louis Day

Submitted By:
Mark Travers
on 12.01.12

Mark Travers

St. Louis Day

Make March 14 of every year St. Louis Day

Our area code is 314. On the calendar, that's March 14. March 14 becomes St. Louis Day. What happens on St. Louis Day? 1. We start with a 3.14 mile run. 2. 3.14 is the equivalent of the math symbol, Pi. We host a national math contest. 3. The Art Museum screens 'Meet Me In St. Louis' all day long. 4. We host a short story contest. Each story is limited to 314 words and must mention St. Louis in some way. 5. We host a short film contest. Each film is limited to 3 minutes and 14 seconds and must show St. Louis in some way. 6. We host a visual arts contest. Each work must show St. Louis in some way. 7. We host a Lego-building contest. Each work must be made with 314 Lego pieces. 8. We host a nomination process. On March 14, we name 314 people who are making St. Louis a better place to live. 9. Companies allow their employees to spend 3 hours and 14 minutes on a community project of their choice. 10. At 3:14 pm, all church bells in St. Louis ring for one minute. 11. At night we celebrate. All drinks are $3.14.


MFeltz said 6/2/2013

I love numbers 8 and 9. As for the suggested actual events going on that day, I would rather see a more cohesive schedule. There's a run, math contest, legos... it's too much. I think a play on the 1904 World's Fair would be a good idea. Held by the Arch-grounds, we could have local musicians perform while local restaurants would sell original dishes from the 1904 World's Fair. During the afternoon, the 314 people who were nominated could be recognized. And fireworks at night over the Mississippi never fail to impress!