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Swings St Louis

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on 12.01.12


Swings St Louis

Hang swings in and around St Louis. Parks, paths, structures, office buildings ... any place that would give someone a few minutes of enjoyment ... after all ... it is impossible to be sad on a swing - try it - Its IMPOSSIBLE!

This idea is modeled after the Swings Tampa Bay campaign created by my friend, Reuben Pressman ... you can see what he has done by visiting I want to bring this vision to St Louis. (From their About Us page) ... "A Swing becomes much more than a playful pastime as it instantly sparks curiosity, refreshes our community’s perception of our environment and encourages immediate interaction with people we may have otherwise walked right past. Swings provide opportunities to share stories, ideas, and a set of arms to push each other!"


NagelBite said 5/20/2013

Hi, I just installed two swings at the Cotton Belt building. Here's a photo someone shared on our Facebook wall: We are a Rally St. Louis funded projected - we're planning to paint a 750 x 60 ft mural on the side of this building. If you're craving to install swings somewhere, Cotton Belt might the most interesting place to do it! I hung the swings in one of the bottom floor doorways: Let me know what you think. More info: Thanks, Tom Nagel


Riotstl said 12/8/2012

i am 100% on board for this. This needs to happen

Judy Mundle

Judy Mundle said 12/7/2012

This is very similar to my idea of adult playgrounds. Swinging is pure joy and what better way to take in the sites of the city. They need to be big swings with comfortable seats. I would also add some climbing towers and long slides. So much fun!