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The CWE Needs A Real Playground!

by jadamo 04.11.16

The CWE is in need of additional playgrounds.

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Trashing Saint Louis the right way...

by pattimagee 02.01.16

We need to give incentive to citizens to recycle and compost. Let's build a system where the city can use our compost for our parks department and/or sell to farm/garden outlets across the country.

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Food truck for homeless persons

by Julie 01.25.16

My daughter volunteered with a food truck in new york. There is a need in the st. Louis area. The staff at the food bank is excited about giving donations and assistance. She has spoken to many officials and others in the know, including an attorney. It has proven to be quite an endeavor for her and almost impossible to handle alone. With the right cooperation and money. She may be able to get this service begun. It took awhile in new York but they now serve many many people, with many food trucks, the only hot meal these homeless will have each day. She has been in touch with those in New York who run this service. They are happily interested in helping her.

5 votes

Sanc Shu

by Dustin Pulley 12.21.15

"Sanc Shu" is wherever you like to be, whatever you like to do... That is your Sanc Shu. I started a brand based around giving. This is a word and concept that we came up with in 2012. Started as a T-shirt line, Sanc Shu Wear and now we have our first store. Sanc Shu Skate Shop. Skateboarding is what I loved to do when grew up but I also loved art. In schools most of the programs or extra activities have been around forever. I think offering after school programs/club or summer classes, by combining skateboarding and art, would help some kids that may not be good at other activities find their "Sanc Shu"

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"Street" Workout Parks

by TyMcFly 08.25.15

For years now I've been trying to find alternatives to gyms in and around the neighborhoods in which I've lived. Forest Park, Tower Grove, McKinley Heights, Soulard, and Midtown are all areas of the city I've called home over the past several years. My proposition is one of what will hopefully be many "street" workout parks, groups of pieces of equipment as simple as bars and benches, open to the public. Largely used for calisthenics, a branch of exercise more commonly known as "body-weight movements," no additional machinery or equipment is needed. These

28 votes

Painted Curb and Stormdrain Murals

by Chang8816 05.20.15

I go to college at Mizzou and all around Columbia, MO on the curbs people have painted murals or portraits of the city and events that go on in the city. They are a fun thing to look at while you're stopped at a crosswalk and would give local artists a chance to display their talent. For example you could have one for each of the sports teams, one showing the history of the Blues and Jazz in STL, one of the 1904 World's Fair etc.

8 votes

Restore Washington Avenue ghost signs

by Jeffvstl 03.09.15

In its heyday, Washington Avenue was the largest US garment district outside New York City. On the walls of the grand old buildings that line the street, numerous ghost signs remain that advertise former businesses that made Washington Avenue a world center of fashion and industry, faded remnants of a bygone era. Restoring these ghost signs would honor Washington Avenue's history, identity and dynamism while enhancing the visual aesthetics of the streetscape. In addition, it would put local artists and painters to work. Community-building at its finest!

136 votes

St. Louis Music Museum

by Erin Cromer 02.12.15

From W.C. Handy to Miles Davis, Chuck Berry, Ike & Tina Turner, Albert King, and Little Milton, St. Louis has a rich history of blues, jazz, R&B and rock. The 21st century has brought even more variety with Nelly and the St. Lunatics, Sheryl Crow, and live music all over the area. We are in the heart of the country and should show our pride as the crossroads of American Music. Inspired by the EMP Museum in Seattle, this could be a major anchor downtown.

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Commission an artist to paint the Cortex Silo in the Central West End

by David Hoffman 01.13.15

A few decades ago buildings downtown, including the Sheraton near the Scott Trade Center, were painted to add to their attraction with murals that made them look like much grander buildings than the original architecture. Why not do the same with the silo in the Cortex area on Sarah in the Central West End? Could St. Louis commission and fund an artist to do so and turn this eyesore into a landmark?

77 votes

WiFi on MetroBus by 2017

by JDSTLMO 11.25.14

Attract new riders and retain current riders. Provide the final reason needed for people to ride the bus. Studies have shown amenities such as wireless internet have increased ridership. Turning a commute into productive time will maintain high ridership. For a bus, the router is usually ruggedized and adapted to run off the vehicle's power system.

16 votes

B-T-M-B Lanes

by JDSTLMO 11.25.14

Dedicated bus---taxi---motorcycle---bicycle lanes (BTMB) are typically applied on major routes with frequent stops or where traffic congestion may be significant. BTMB lanes reduce delays for all motorists due to traffic congestion and frequent stops and slow moving vehicles.

14 votes

Forest Park BridgeArt

by Lauram 11.25.14

A Semi-temporary art exhibit in Forest Park using the beautiful, unique foot bridges as a base to celebrate Saint Louis' unique mixture of art appreciation and people

9 votes

You Brew

by Raab4STL 11.25.14

I would love to see the Butler Brothers Building converted to a home brew haven. Craft brewing has increased in popularity vastly over the past decade. Not everyone has the space at home or the resources to afford the equipment needed to start brewing. My idea is to convert the Butler Brothers Building into a techshop of sorts for beginners, novice, and aficionados of brewing. The facility could house classrooms and workshops, have a grain and supply store, a taproom, possibly even a small bottling line.. Situated between 18th and 17th (loading dock southbound only), north of Olive st and south of Locust st. Being that Olive is a main artery for the city, running from Grand Center to downtown, and with a proposed trolley line running along this road it would make it very accessible to those in many neighborhoods other than just Downtown.

7 votes

911 Phones/Beacons

by JDSTLMO 11.01.14

The importance of providing security beyond the buildings, along the sidewalks is extremely important. Emergency telephone systems are being used on sidewalks and bike trails, parking garages and parking lots. An emergency telephone solution can help provide visitors and customers, and employees with an immediate contact to police should the need arise. They also can be integrated with CCTV systems.

21 votes

West County Train

by JDSTLMO 10.27.14

It’s time for a MetroLink line in West County. There is value in low-cost and efficient rapid transit for everyone. Run the line from Southwest in Chesterfield to Northeast in Hazelwood.

34 votes

Express Road

by JDSTLMO 10.27.14

Embrace Express Lanes (a.k.a. High Occupancy Vehicle or HOV Lanes) in St Louis. These lanes are one or two lanes along the median of the highway that are restricted to vehicles carrying 2 or more people, taxi cabs, buses, and emergency vehicles (We have one set along I-70 going into downtown). This type of lane allows for quicker traffic flow for those vehicles that are not needing the exits between two places. They also encourage carpooling and the use of mass transit.

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