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West County Train

by JDSTLMO 10.27.14

It’s time for a MetroLink line in West County. There is value in low-cost and efficient rapid transit for everyone. Run the line from Southwest in Chesterfield to Northeast in Hazelwood.

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Express Road

by JDSTLMO 10.27.14

Embrace Express Lanes (a.k.a. High Occupancy Vehicle or HOV Lanes) in St Louis. These lanes are one or two lanes along the median of the highway that are restricted to vehicles carrying 2 or more people, taxi cabs, buses, and emergency vehicles (We have one set along I-70 going into downtown). This type of lane allows for quicker traffic flow for those vehicles that are not needing the exits between two places. They also encourage carpooling and the use of mass transit.

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Free WiFi at Metro Stations

by JDSTLMO 10.27.14

Free WiFi in 3 Years at MetroLink Stations. Metro could easily establish Free WiFi HotSpots at their Link Stations. More than likely they could receive corporate sponsorship from tech companies such as Apple and Microsoft as well as from electronics retailers or phone carriers. WiFi at the stations will help rider (tourist and daily commuters) to plan out routes and their days, find out more information and access many more items that could include finding more ways to spend money in St Louis. In any case, everyone wants WiFi everywhere because it cuts down on the amount of Data an individual uses. Also, WiFi in the underground stations will allow riders to continue to use their mobile devices when they lose cellular signal. This can be done in 3 stages over three years, focusing on the major hubs the first year and the next most used hubs the second year, finishing the system the third year.

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MetroLink WiFi

by JDSTLMO 10.27.14

Free WiFi on MetroLink Trains is possible. Even London does it on the Underground.

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Mysteries on the Move

by jwilson0505 09.17.14

Imagine you are trapped in a room. You have 5 minutes to get out and the clock is ticking. The door out is shut, locked, and only you can find the key. If you succeed you can hold it over you friends the rest of the night. Not everyone makes it out... Mysteries on the Move is a live-action puzzle game within a shipping container. This mysterious mobile entertainment venue will pop up at your favorite festivals and events throughout the year. The puzzles will change from survival, escape, and horror puzzles to intrigue and murder mystery.

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Decorate Kiener Garages

by Cigam 09.17.14

With the upcoming improvements to the Arch grounds and Kiener plaza why not make other structures near by beautiful? These garages are the most seen in our city. People come from all over to the arch grounds and keener plaza. With this idea adding distinguishing qualities to the Kiener Parking garages will add to the improvements that are set in place downtown. the current state of the garages are...plain to put it lightly. both garages are plain concrete that is just asking for a paint job or a photo to be plastered on them. the ideas are endless simple as adding different colored lights at the base of the garage to light it up at night to adding photos from the History museum archives and covering the garage in the pictures.

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Old Courthouse in need of Old Lighting

by Cigam 09.17.14

The Old Courthouse is lacking lighting that complements the historic landmark. Currently around the Old Courthouse there are 9 basic ugly plain street lights that do not complement the Old Courthouse.

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LoveOUTLoud Arrives!

by LoveOUTLoud 07.29.14

LoveOUTLoud's vision is to promote positive character education in youth and young adults. This will be done via television show. This show will cover the real life issues they may face on a day to day basis. It will also go over events around the city to get the youth more involved in their community. This approach will be a fun way to guide youth in the right direction by starting that cycle of lost communication. You never know who's life you might change or who's question you might answer or even who's life you might save.

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Columbia Bottom Marina

by JDSTLMO 06.26.14

Build the Columbia Bottom Marina in St Louis on the Mississippi River. A marina near downtown would allow for greater recreation and industry on the river. The Chain of Rocks natural dam creates a calmer body of water on the northwest side of Chouteau Island that is also larger than many parts of the river.

12 votes

Solar powered trash compacting & recycling units

by Grim Meeper 06.26.14

With all the sunshine that St Louis gets, why not take advantage of this free source of energy? Solar powered trash compacting and recycling units placed all over the city can help reduce the amount of fuel and associated emissions need to drive collection trucks around town several times a week. A company called Big Belly Solar makes such a product and currently has them deployed in large cities such as Philadelphia, Raleigh, NC and Times Square. These units can hold 5 times as much trash as a traditional trash can which means they have to be emptied 5 times less often. These units also have wireless components that send a signal indicating when they need to be emptied. An idea like this would pay for itself in less than 5 years and can help save the city millions per year for years to come.

7 votes

New 270 Bridge

by JDSTLMO 06.26.14

Build a new I-270 bridge over the Mississippi River between Riverview and Chouteau Island.

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St. Louis's digital payment network --> STLcoin

by STLcoin 06.26.14

Show-Me-State's preferred virtual currency. "All money is a matter of belief." -Adam Smith. Have faith in STLcoin! STLcoin transcends nations, politics, religions, cultures and regulations, we the people "St. Louisans" currency of freedom.

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The Bulldog Amsterdam

by 1904 Ferris Wheel 05.22.14

St. Louis is a great city in America and needs something that other cities in this country does not have!!! The Bulldog Company in Amsterdam would be great for Downtown St. Louis!!! This company could have a hostel hotel for tourist since St. Louis has no hostel!!! The Bulldog could also establish an Amsterdam themed restaurant and bar to promote Dutch Heritage in St. Louis!!! There is already a Bulldog Silver Star around Vancouver in Canada!!! A Bulldog Hotel and Restaurant in St. Louis would help promote the city to the Dutch and Amsterdam!!! The St. Louis Bulldog would promote the Netherlands and Amsterdam to the people in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and all over the United States!!! The best place for a St. Louis Bulldog would be Laclede's Landing in Downtown St. Louis!!! The Big Bulldog Sign and logo would be seen from the Mississippi River just north of the Arch!!! This is a great company that city leaders need to help bring to town that will come represent Amsterdam in America and represent St. Louis in the Netherlands!!! This would be a great attraction for St. Louis and for the Bulldog company in Amsterdam, here is their web page . St. Louis City Leaders and people of St. Louis write and get a hold of the Bulldog Company and Bulldog Owner Henk de Vries!!! This would be great for St. Louis, Amsterdam and the Bulldog!!

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Bar Hopping Transportation System

by nick_has_ideas 05.22.14

The Bar Hop transportation system will work by having a driver like a cab but a whole lot cheaper. To transport you to nearby bars. The drivers will keep running in the same cycle all night. Where you can wait outside the bar until a vehicle like in the picture below comes to pick you up. The drivers only take you to the next bar in the cycle.

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by Teresa Kennedy 04.24.14

A local independent publisher has received three donated houses in different and diverse neighborhoods to renovate and offer to working authors as permanent writer's residencies.

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by JDSTLMO 02.28.14

Start affordable, shorter, smaller, and more regular river cruises. Right now Saint Louis has the tourist attraction of the Arch Riverboat Cruises, but don't you want to be able to take a short and inexpensive ride up and down the river in the middle of your day, maybe throughout more of the year? Setup a dock just north of the helicopter tours dock (just south of Eads Bridge). Offer 40 minute long cruises between March and November. These boats would be smaller and more modern than the what is offered that you can enjoy views from a heated seating area.

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