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National Blues Museum

by National Blues Museum 02.18.13

What if we could have an iconic music museum in St. Louis that celebrates the history of Blues, R&B, Rock 'n' Roll, Jazz, Ragtime -- you get the idea. The National Blues Museum would celebrate its namesake - Blues - as well all of the genres that sprang from its fruitful family tree. Plus it would be a celebration of St. Louis' role in the development of all modern American music. That's right -- we said Blues is the foundation of all modern American music, and St. Louis is one of the major cities responsible for making all of that beautiful music. The 23,000-square-foot National Blues Museum (NBM) in downtown St. Louis will offer an interactive experience that includes a mix of artifacts and technology-driven exhibits. This is not one of those “stuff-sits-behind-glass” kind of museums. Instead, visitors will immerse themselves in the past, present and future of the Blues and come away with a better understanding of the importance of the genre in the development of everything from Rock to Hip Hop. NBM will include a 150-person theater, highly interactive touch screen exhibits, a classroom, temporary exhibit hall for traveling exhibits, and educational programming that will include onsite and in-classroom opportunities to explore the history of Blues and its influence on American music. The museum will be located in the old Dillard’s building on Washington Avenue, now known as the Mercantile Exchange (MX) District. It's in the heart of downtown and within walking distance of the Gateway Arch, Lumière Place, America's Center convention complex, and Busch Stadium. And don’t worry about parking - there's a garage with 750 spaces right across the street, a surface lot behind it, metered parking on nearby streets and a MetroLink stop on the corner. We've got an amazing musical heritage in St. Louis. The musicians who played here are responsible for influencing artists and musicians around the world and we think it’s time for a museum that pays tribute to America’s most important musical art form.

552 votes

The Wilt/Bloom Initiative : Garden Project

by Vincent Stemmler 12.01.12

The Wilt/Bloom Initiative is a non-governmental organization which concerns itself with transforming vacant spaces into usable public spaces that serve the greater good. The projects under this title will mainly involve urban agriculture, vertical farming, and community gardening, but may also include hydroponic and aquaponic projects. We are interested, not only in informing the public about how to do these things, but with helping them hands on.

477 votes

Angel Parents Surviving Together

by Janet Glazebrook 06.13.13

We are parents surviving the loss of a child.. No parent should walk this journey alone.. We are here to support each other. We also welcome brothers and sisters. We all need support and we are in this together

446 votes

Put The Power Back In Your Hands

by PB-STL 08.06.13

Participatory budgeting puts the power to decide how your tax dollars are spent back in your hands. From idea, to vote, to implementation you decide what your neighborhood needs. Your donations for outreach materials will make the difference between success and failure of the first ever Participatory Budgeting process in St. Louis. Outreach materials will insure our grass roots, door to door campaign reaches and activates everyday residents as well as under-represented and under-resourced communities. A successful launch in the 6th ward will make St. Louis history and set a precedent for Participatory Budgeting to go city-wide and get everyone involved in this great new process. It's not politics; it's democracy.

387 votes

Paint the Flood Wall!

by Gateway City 12.10.12

What if we painted the Mississippi flood wall with all kinds of gorgeous murals representing our culture?

356 votes

St. Louis History Museum

by PttheIslander 12.03.12

A downtown museum dedicated to preserving the history of St. Louis.

322 votes

Dog Park @ Forest Park

by pauleenyk 12.01.12

Most major U.S. cities have large, accessible dog parks located in high-density, "walkable” neighborhoods and these parks contribute a great deal to the overall quality of life and morale of community residents. Forest Park boasts a great deal of outdoor space and much of the park land is not regularly used. Additionally, there is an abundance of parking available along park roads and the park is already one of the biggest destinations for families and people with an active lifestyle. All of these factors make Forest Park the ideal site for St. Louis City’s first large, state-of-the-art dog park. Dog parks add a great deal of value to a community. They are a place for residents to exercise and socialize their dogs, which positively affects the health of dogs and their owners. Dog parks also function as a social center for residents. Residents will frequently congregate at the dog park, where they can mingle with other residents and form new community ties. For some people, the dog park may be their primary source of daily contact with other human beings. Dog parks also encourage people to get out and stay active. St. Louis, on a social level, has developed the unfortunate reputation of being extremely cliquish and insular. The existence of a large, accessible, open-to-the-public dog park in a central landmark location will help to break residents out of their insular circles and facilitate positive, community-building, social interaction. Additionally, dog parks that are managed properly are a great source of revenue for the community and the City parks system. Through paid dog registrations, rule enforcement (fines), and the increase in visitors to Forest Park, the City can generate a positive fiscal return through proper marketing and oversight of the Forest Park Dog Park. St. Louis is in dire need of more community-focused activities that will bring a diverse range of residents together to share in their common interests. The Forest Park Dog Park is precisely the type of facility St. Louis needs to move forward as a more active, healthy, and united city.

319 votes

Commemorate the MLK "I Have A Dream" speech in Kiener Plaza -August 24, 2013

by SLRN 04.12.13

On August 24, 2013, we are commemorating the 50 anniversary of MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech in Downtown St. Louis. The event will take place in Kiener Plaza and will include a member of the Martin Luther King, Jr. family. The funds raised here will be used to cover the costs for the event including King family member attendance expense to attend the event.

300 votes

Young Ambassadors for Nonviolence

by Building Life Foundations 02.08.13

Young Ambassadors for Nonviolence St Louis is a group of 14 High School students from the St Louis Metro area that are studying to get certified in teaching Dr. King's philosophy of Nonviolence to other students.

297 votes

The Sweet Potato Project: Planting Produce*Making Products*Creating Young Entrepreneurs

by sylvester 04.19.13

Crime, illegal drug sales, incarceration and the death of young people in low-income areas of St. Louis will continue to rise until we create viable, sustainable economic alternatives. The Sweet Potato Project summer program pays at-risk youth a bi-weekly stipend while they learn entrepreneurial skills. For 10 weeks they will plant produce and work to turn their yield into products they can sell today, In 2012, they created a sweet potato cookie. This is a micro-version of an extended large-scale food-based endeavor that will include farming, packaging, canning and distribution in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Our 2013 goal is to reach more youth (25), add structure and stability to the program and engage community residents in farming produce on vacant lots. We are seeking visionaries, volunteers and the resources to create a St. Louis major model for economic and social transformation with our youth and in long-neglected communities.

259 votes

Ulysses S Grant Presidential Museum and Library

by Richard Bose 02.21.13

Build a US Grant Presidential Museum and Library.

254 votes

Get Electricity from the Mississippi

by JDSTLMO 02.25.13

Do you want cheaper electricity that reduces carbon emissions and helps with sustainability, but don't like the eyesore of windmills and solar panels? Wouldn't it be great to make something like the MetroLink system (a fully electric light rail) a fully self-sustaining energy consumer that didn't leave carbon emissions? Remember how there used to be water wheels on rivers to make flour mills work? How about being able to harness hydroelectric power without having to build a dam or see the machinery? Well, some places are turning to their rivers as a source of energy. It is called a "Low-head Hydrokinetic Turbine," and there are many versions, but a increasingly popular version looks similar to a windmill, but it is designed to be under water.

221 votes

Bosnian War Memorial in St. Louis

by Do Right, Live Right! 06.23.13

Recently I have been reading about the contribution the St. Louis Bosnian community has made on the St. Louis . I was thinking what better way for St Louis to show its appreciation, with possible international implications, than with a civic and community effort to build an International Bosnian War Memorial.

215 votes

ReGen StL Bicycle Generators: $3,000.00

by ReGen StL 03.12.13

A St. Louis, MO non-profit organization focusing on projects that rehabilitate city neighborhoods through building restoration and public works projects in emerging districts with a aim towards growth and revitalization. ReGen StL utilizes music, art and film events to generate resources that will be re-invested in these distinctive St. Louis regions. Unique to our approach, our entire event programming will be enabled exclusively by people power. Community pride and enthusiasm will be translated directly in to electricity for each event using bicycle-powered generators driven by event supporters, creating a direct conduit between artist creativity and the collective energy of patrons and neighborhood stakeholders. This relationship produces a reciprocal and regenerative cycle that produces both cultural and tangible benefits for each group. Among these benefits are development of deeper community roots, direct participation in the arts, heightened sense of local impact, creation healthier neighborhoods and shared investment in a common future. At its core, our mission is to create ongoing and self-sustaining events that promote self-sustaining communities.

190 votes

The St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame--St. Louis' Next Landmark Building!

by The Historian 06.27.13

Way past the idea stage, building a first tier, fully interactive, 33,000 square foot, three story 52 foot building to house a magnificent St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame is Capital Funding now! This modern marvel of glass combined with a traditional and regal look will be the place where ALL St. Louis sports, amateur and professional, from the beginning of sports history in the Metro Region will come alive every day! Preserving sports artifacts, telling the enthralling stories of the past, linking today's youth with history while learning life lessons at our many educational events with living Hall of Famers, is the mission of the STLSHOF. The Cardinals, Blues, Rams, Big Red, Hawks, Browns, Olympics, soccer, golf, tennis, boxing, track & field,colleges, high schools all will be featured. A major tourist attraction for StL, the Hall needs you!

185 votes

Aviation Museum at the St. Louis Science Center

by Mark Sutherland 01.31.13

It's time to launch St. Louis towards the future of aviation, by inspiring the future of St. Louis! It's time to expand the St. Louis Science Center with the addition of a hands-on, interactive and inspiring Aviation Museum!

184 votes

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